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Winter 2017 CLRPC (Carnival Lofts Racing Pigeon Club) and winter series 2017 newsletter 1

Good day here from the lofts, it has been awhile since our last communication but from now on we will be in contact more often again, please note we do have a whatsapp group that we use for quick news snippets that we might not always load on the web or send out via email and if you wish to be added to this group please just reply back with your phone numbers then we will add you to the group. It is not a chat group and the only thing we try to post is info and news from the loft.

Well with the moult almost done except for some tail feathers and some of the last flights growing we have slowly started to get the pigeons up in the air, it will be another week or two before they will be ready for the first real road training flights but from next week we will load them in the baskets and just go and liberate them on the farm so they can fly back to the lofts and get familiar with being loaded in the baskets and then flying back to the loft before we will do the first 20km training flight scheduled for 25 April 2017. We will be doing things a bit different this season as we will not be allocating the electronic rings onto the pigeons till after the first combine training flight with the OERF’s truck from Kroonstad due to take place on 20 May 2017. I do understand that this is frustrating to some fanciers as we all wish to know how many pigeons are in the lofts and if “mine” are still there. But please understand that we want to get the pigeons to 120 km’s before we fit the electronic rings. Once the 1st Kroonstad training flight is done we will fit the pigeons still in the loft with their electronic rings and then we will load a mid-week training result as well as the weekends training result for all to see from then onwards. 

The proposed program this season for the winter series is:

winter rp

Please make sure your account is up to date as the initial entry fee of R2500 per team 3 was due when the pigeon’s was sent to the lofts!

For the CLRPC members here are your proposed race program for the 2017 season, we are in for a tough first few weeks but we will manage the pigeons and should we feel we need to give them a break in-between week 5 and 6 or 7 we will amend the program then for now we will stick to this proposal. Please note that ALL club monies are due by the end of this month.

Herewith the proposed race program for the CLRPC 2017:


The old birds race program we are still looking at and I will sent it to you as soon as I have taken a final decision on the old bird races as there has been a complaint from one of the organizations in the combine that if the 900 odd pigeons from Carnival Lofts on the young birds and 200 odd on the old birds gets liberated with the combine then we are creating a pull towards us and this is unfair to the 6000 odd young birds going to Johannesburg and 7000 odd old birds so we will only know after the next combine meeting early May what the outcome will be and if we will be liberating with the combine’s or not. I feel the time has now come that we make this an official club in an organization where every fancier who takes part here at CLRPC must decide to maybe enter their club team and their old birds as a member in the OERF then this “issue” with the loft being liberated with the combine will no longer be an issue as we are then all members of the OERF and SANPO, something to think about!!!


If you have some old birds here and you want to have them take part in the official races of the OERF this season let me know maybe we get enough support then we race 10 or 12 of the 18 OERF races with 4 or 5 teams of old birds the costs will be about R200 per pigeon to race in the OERF and get the recognition if your pigeon perhaps wins the fed or maybe finishes up in the top few ace pigeons, this could be very interesting I think so let’s see who is interested then we make a few teams of Carnival Lofts and we race all our old birds in the Combine officially!!!